Tiger Roach – The Case of The Missing Mail

I’ve spent part of the day showing my battered Powerbook some love – added a pile of RAM (huge difference) and installing Tiger.

A bunch of my Mail messages from my previous version (all before Jan 16) have gone missing, alas. I did a backup not too far back, so the loss should not absolutely catastrophic, but I can’t help but wonder if my emails are hiding somewhere in my hard drive. Has anyone else experienced this problem ? (My quick Google pass didn’t turn up anything.) Is there anyplace I can look?

Update: Well, my backup, though exported last December has no email at all from 2005 in it. And when, as directed, I rebuilt my mailbox it seems to have deleted all my email from the past two weeks as well. This application seems to handle email data completely different than my previous version, and I can’t for the life of me find any setting that is changed or likely to be responsible. This machine wouldn’t just dump and overwrite my inbox (while keeping all other data and info like passwords and directory), would it? Again, I can find no indication anyone has had this problem. And now it looks like D’Arcy is having some serious hardware meltdowns as well. There is some wicked mojo being transmitted on the digital aether.

All in all, very humbling. I am cowering before the negative forces I have apparently summoned to rain hellfire on my being.

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