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Please respond: blogs and wikis – why, how and who?

I’ll admit it, I’m nervous. Next week I’ll be sharing the podium with Mark Schneider as part of the Vancouver Public Library’s “Changing World of Information” series. The main branch of the VPL is one of my favorite buildings in … Continue reading

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Hold your applause for Stanford’s iTunes project

There are a lot of people here at UBC who are interested in gathering the disparate voices playing with podcasts and putting together a coordinated campus strategy. I’m hoping to be reporting on a couple of these developments over the … Continue reading

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RipMixLearn is coming into focus…

I don’t have time or headspace to blog these developments properly, but want to get some of it down so I don’t lose it… A while back Alan mused: while the old song RipMixFeed still sounds good, we ought to … Continue reading

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In full cowardly retreat…

If you’re waiting on stuff from me, please be advised I have spent three of my last four working days involved with a planning retreat process that’s been pretty much my sole focus during that time. As a bit of … Continue reading

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Technoculture Heavyweights @ UBC this Friday

Friday the 13th will be lucky at UBC this month, as it is the location for a very hot session courtesy of the New Media and Culture Research Network, a public plenary on Literature, Culture, and the Digital Artifact. Arthur … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done — DONE! Cross it off the list.

I showed up for work after holidays and I was already behind. Past two days I’ve worked like a fiend and it’s gotten worse. This can’t go on. Either I learn how to navigate my life choices or I start … Continue reading

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Open soürce beer füels stüdent activism

I get on the bus this morning, and learn from an advert that people need to be reminded to give a “heads up” if they see someone leave something on their seat. The dispiriting part is that I don’t doubt … Continue reading

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Northern Voice Presenter Schedule Released

One notable development over the holidays was the release of the Saturday Schedule and Speakers list for Northern Voice 2006. I’m very excited about the roster, once again a nice mix of big names and local talent. I should note … Continue reading

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How do you like the new design?

Move over D’Arcy, I’m gunning for your “most beautiful” title. Update: I should note that the line above was my feeble attempt at humour. I made an ill-advised attempt to refresh my templates (our crack support staff did an upgrade … Continue reading

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