A moose, loose…

That’s right, another two-fisted episode of Northern Voice is in production. The first go-round was a blast, and I couldn’t be happier to be working again with the organizers. We’ll be doing it at UBC Robson Square, in downtown Vancouver, February 10-11th 2006.

We’ve tried to grow the event gently, without losing the informal community-oriented feel that we had last year. NV2006 won’t be in a bigger venue, but we’ve added an extra day slated for Moose Camp:

What is Moose Camp? A self-organizing series of events modelled on Bar Camp and Foo Camp. Moose Camp is, to use the cliché, for the people, by the people. We’ve booked some rooms at the UBC downtown campus, you register for Friday and anyone participating in Moose Camp can post to our wiki to collaborate with other attendees. You can give a presentation, lead a discussion, or just attend.

I couldn’t hope to describe what’s being planned any better than the richly-detailed site does, this FAQ is a good place to start. I’m especially keen to see how Boris’ spaghetti western potluck shapes up.

Once again, the venue isn’t bigger, so there’s a hard cap on the number of attendees, about 250 people or so. Given the response last year, and the ridiculously cheap registration (30 bucks CDN per day, 50 for both) I would not be surprised to see us fill up well in advance. Let’s represent, edu-bloggahs!!!!!

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