Is there a Nobel Prize for WikiHeroes?


Somehow in my perpetual haze of self-inflicted dementia and crippling self-regard I failed to recognize the importance of this posting by Seb Paquet about WikiMinion. I’m so grateful that he followed up with a comment on this weblog, rousing me from my stupor for long enough to check out the ThoughtStorms page describing the amazing WikiSpam killing bot.

One short plea for help on this page was all it took. A few hours later the mysterious WikiWarrior RichardP unleashed his noble script on my site, terminating hordes of WikiRoaches with cold, lethal precision.

RichardP The Mighty is a humble hero. He stresses that “WikiMinion is definitely still a work in progress that is currently being tested.” Based on the first weekend of activity on the UBCWiki, work is progressing well. No piece of WikiSpam lasted more than an hour (usually much less than that), and as far as I can tell no unspoiled pages were affected. This was my first weekend in over a year in which I didn’t spend free time doing WikiCleaning. I had forgotten that such leisure was possible. (Actually I worked my tail off on other things, but that’s another boring story…)

Seb says, “Somebody get this man a beer!”. Oh yes. Somebody get him ten. Hell, somebody get this guy an all-expenses paid bacchanal in Ibiza.

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3 Responses to Is there a Nobel Prize for WikiHeroes?

  1. Wow. The Batman of Wikis…

  2. mitch says:

    Truly a crimefighter after my own heart.


  3. Leon Lighips says:

    You will learn to love our spam.

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