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BEER! (Or MERLOT, pick your poison)

There are a few webloggers attending the MERLOT conference that I haven’t met before… I’d love to be able to put some faces to the people I’ve been reading. Wanna go for a beer? (Coffee is an acceptable non-alcoholic alternative, … Continue reading

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RSS: A Love Story

I’ve been asked to write an introduction to RSS, in less than 600 words, for a general audience. It’s been an interesting exercise. My current working draft: RSS: A Love Story I’m no techie, so I guess I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Gulping Goblets of MERLOT

Things are cranking up for this week’s MERLOT conference. My own travel arrangements are simple, given that the conference is being held here in Vancouver. In fact, the commute will be shorter this week. It’s my privilege to be co-presenting … Continue reading

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