‘QTI Ready’ almost ready

File this for future reference:

Adding to the growing pile of IMS QTI compliant software is a new server side plug-in: QTI Ready. Following the emerging trend of supplying applications that are meant to do only one thing, and do it well, QTI Ready allows you to edit and play QTI based quizzes and tests on any J2EE aware webserver. Your existing VLE should be able to take care of the rest.

Though there are more standalone QTI authoring tools and players, there’s not that many that are meant to simply plug in to an existing VLE. Provided that that VLE is J2EE based, because QTI Ready comes as a .war packaged servlet- a package you need to dump into the filesystem of a J2EE based webserver to run.

The amount of stuff cited in this article that I am theoretically supposed to know is terrifying. Perhaps I require a series of CETIS injections. That which does not kill me… leaves me alive.

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