Technoculture Heavyweights @ UBC this Friday

Friday the 13th will be lucky at UBC this month, as it is the location for a very hot session courtesy of the New Media and Culture Research Network, a public plenary on Literature, Culture, and the Digital Artifact.

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker (among many other things co-editors of CTheory) will speak on “Body, Codes, and Power”. And N. Katherine Hayles will be speaking on “The Future of Literature”. (Abstracts and speaker info)

The event is this Friday, 2:00-4:45 at a very fine venue, the Cecil Green Park House, and a reception will follow.

At this point it looks like I will only be able to attend part of this event (childcare), but I’m hoping to see both speakers, it’s an outstanding double-bill.

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