Any organization monsters out there? Got any tips?

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So this weekend my special lady friend (h/t Lebowski) is dancing across the water to Cortes Island for some Permaculture-type meeting, organizing and learning… Leaving us Lamb Boyz to fend for ourselves. I have a few household tasks I hope to tackle while she’s gone, but none more daunting than getting the vinyl organized.

We don’t have a massive collection but it is sizable enough that I can’t accurately estimate how many records are on the shelves. My best guess would be just under a thousand LPs. Multiple moves and countless booze-fueled late-night spinning sessions have thoroughly randomized them all. Not so bad for serendipitous browsing but a nightmare when looking for something specific.

So my plan is to put the boy to bed tonight and whip myself into a vinyl listening/organizing frenzy. But I am haunted by the fear that I will waste hours of time with inefficient sorting methods. My mind does not naturally lend itself to establishing sound processes. I did some searching on terms like “alphabetizing process” or “organize albums” but mostly come up with techie gooble, library documentation or furniture ads. What I want are three or four simple (they have to be simple given the mental state I’ll be in) effective steps and principles that will get me though this.

As of now this is what I got:

* Pull about 1/4 of the vinyl off the shelves so there’s room to work, and set them aside

* Set up simple categories (I think I will go with rock/weirdo/blues as one, since they blur together so often; jazz; and classical)

* Use cardboard dividers to break down the sections a bit (A-C; D-F; etc…), and roughly sort what’s on the shelves

* Do a precise alphabetization of each section

* Shelve the 1/4 of the collection that was pulled aside

And when I’m done, I’ll alphabetize the books! [Cue maniacal laughter]

Does this make sense?

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