Important Collaborative Research Project — Decent Food in Airports

O.K., not everybody can use this, but it’s important. Dr. Alexander has started up that Airport Restaurant Wiki he floated in a previous post. People who spend too much time in airports know that good eats can restore the will to live at vulnerable moments.

I don’t think we can use that Portuguese place as a benchmark, but if the food is decent, and the experience better than soul-crushing, add it in. (You have to ask Bryan for the password).

The poor fellow is presently stuck in Boston airport. I recall there is a pub (kind of open-space concept, near a gate) that served up a good bowl of chowder when I sorely needed it. If only there was a wiki back then I could have added it to with more specific information! If you know Boston airport, and can help a good man out, why not Twitter him?

In any event, if you travel a lot, spread the word…

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2 Responses to Important Collaborative Research Project — Decent Food in Airports

  1. Marc Lee says:

    Passing through Dallas airport recently, we ate at a great Texas BBQ place near gate A21 (or thereabouts). Oh, the ribs, the brisket … Highly recommended for carnivores. A woman behind us commented that she eats there every time through the airport.

    In Seattle there was also a decent Chinese food spot with very good prices (for airports).

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks so much Marc (and welcome back to the Republic of East Van)! I’ll add that Dallas BBQ joint into the wiki — I think the Seattle ref needs more specific info.

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