Neil goes digital: tipping point, or harbinger of impending apocalypse?

Better to burn out?

Neil Young has long been a standard-bearer in the anti-digital music brigades. So it’s truly remarkable to see how enthusiastically he has embraced Blu-ray technology, going so far as to take part in one of those fancy digital wonderland presentations (scroll down for video).

A few notable elements of this video:

* Although highly critical of the sound quality of CDs (as he is in the clip), he offers an unqualified endorsement of Blu-ray’s range. Neil’s fans understand how deeply he feels the dynamics of electrified sound (the biography Shakey relates an anecdote where Neil was able to detect transient fluctuations in a studio electrical system just by sound variations that nobody else was noticing), so this really is something.

* The format allows Neil’s vast catalog and stores of unreleased materials to be released in a breadth and depth that would previously have been impossible. The music will be paired with images, video and textual artifacts. The video features a pretty snazzy demo.

* The release of this Archives project has been rumoured since his greatest hits collection Decade was released more than 30 years ago. There have been numerous near-releases, but each time the project has made progress Neil has shelved it for various reasons, most likely because the product did not live up to Neil’s vision. I suspect the ability for the discs to be updated via Java after they’ve been released and purchased was a big reason why he finally feels comfortable with releasing the archives.

It’ll be interesting to see how the collection is received, how it evolves, and how the pirates will respond.

And yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing some music.

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