UMW raises the bar yet again

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Endeavor Has Left the Island, originally uploaded by turbojoe.

I’m not exactly ready to surface just yet, but I just have to send huzzahs over to the standout team at the University of Mary Washington for their revamped instance of UMWBlogs.

What an elegant fusion of form and function. What energy and ease. What an incredible resource for the UMW community on such a moderate investment.

Check out the fantastic user documentation and screencasts, which allows the unit to support a vast user base with minimal effort. (The user friendliness of WordPress helps in that regard.) This is what a sustainable project should aspire to…

Do take some time to read over Jim Groom’s backgrounder, and the Mighty Bava is always worth watching for cutting edge applications of WordPress and other grooviness in the neighborhood.

I can only look on in wonder, and with some small degree of envy. The system that UMW DTLT has established is not only a blogging platform, it provides a backbone for all manner of online publishing, course delivery, community building and educational resource sharing. I am astonished that more institutions aren’t learning from UMW’s example. Those of us following in their wake need to kick things up a notch to make the case.

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