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Dig Your Neighbourhood comes to the Mission!   LAUNCH DATE:  Saturday, April 18, 2015  3 – 5 PM at the Marmalade Cat Cafe, 2903 Pandosy St. Kelowna BC.

UBC Creative Writing and Visual Arts students have developed a series of projects that will provide a creative vision of the Okanagan Mission neighbourhood of Kelowna BC. The proposals are part of the initiative Dig Your Neighbourhood (DYN)—a package of art created by UBC students and faculty particularly for residents of specific neighbourhoods in the community. Come enjoy an afternoon coffee at the Marmalade Cat Cafe, enter a free draw to win some items, meet the artists and publishers, and be knocked over by the gorgeous Mission-flavored works!

This year  we have a beautiful array of blank cards,  books for children, ilustrated books for adults, posters, placemats,  beautiful mediation cards, a sport and fitness guide, audio walks for Mission parks, and a murder mystery with Father Pandosy as the detective. This is a wonderful, Mission-flavoured collection of neighbourhood creations.

The packages are published by Lake Publishing and delivered to newcomers as free gifts from UBC by the Welcome Wagon. This project is an exceptionally rich experiential learning opportunity for emerging artists who research the community and create work that has a real life audience outside the walls of the university. Inevitably, the students rise to the challenge and create outstanding unique works that contribute to sense of place.

This year’s project is overseen by Nancy Holmes, Associate Professor in Creative Writing, and Dr. Aleksandra Dulic, Assistant Professor in Visual Art. DYN is an initiative of The Department of Creative Studies in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies at UBC, Lake Publishing Society, and The Eco Art Incubator, and the Welcome Wagon Ltd..

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  1. This is a most refreshing approach to a difficult issue. Please remain and fortify your organization. Connect with similar movements which are emerging albeit with less of an inclusive artistic bent and flourish!

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