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The Public Art Pollinator Pasture

Next year, at the Brent’s Grist Mill Heritage Park, the Eco Art Incubator and many partners will be  planting, building and maintaining a Public Art Pollinator Pasture in Kelowna. This winter we will be having a series of talks on Keeping Native Bees and we’ll be training Citizen Scientists to help count and track bee populations.  We’ll also make insect hotels and have many fun art events on the site and around town. AND we’ll be working with the Kelowna Art Gallery on an exhibition “For All is For Yourself” that will show 10,000 seed paper bumble bees.  We’ll be making the seed paper for the bees this winter and spring!


  1. Volunteers to help with planting, weeding, site clean up, bee watching and installing bee exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery
  2. Community groups that would like to make seed paper  from February – April 2016.
  3.  Information Tables for your organization at our events.
  4. Citizen Scientists who would like to help document bee populations.
  5. Artists who would like to participate in bee-related art projects.

Please RSVP Nancy Holmes @ if you would like any more information on upcoming events.

Learn more about Bee Central here.

Learn more about the Pollinator Pasture here.

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  1. This is a most refreshing approach to a difficult issue. Please remain and fortify your organization. Connect with similar movements which are emerging albeit with less of an inclusive artistic bent and flourish!

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