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Northern Gateway Pipeline Video Contest  Winners Soon to Be Announced!

The Eco Art Incubator’s contest for people to have their say about the Northern Gateway Pipeline has closed.  Eleven videomakers have contributed a work  for the People on the Pipeline Contest  expressing their view of the proposed mega-project in northern BC. The winner of the best video will win $1000 and there are categories for teens and kids too!

Go to the People on the Pipeline website for details.  Photo Credit:  Andrew Barton

3 thoughts on “What’s New

  1. I am so impressed by all of the videos! Please post them on Facebook – let’s get more film folks involved – these are inspiring! The real goal is to get people to speak up in all mediums -please expand – I just happened to come upon you and your action is so worthwhile!!!!!!!

  2. Please extend this contest – it would be an excellent project for school kids and art teachers! art-students and activists. Why did I not hear about it before? I live in Yahk B.C. -near the Rockies

  3. This is a most refreshing approach to a difficult issue. Please remain and fortify your organization. Connect with similar movements which are emerging albeit with less of an inclusive artistic bent and flourish!

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