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I really have no idea what San Juan’s cable TV providers are doing with these monitors-of-monitors showing oscilloscopes doing whatever it is that oscilloscopes do on my hotel TV menu, but if they’re trying to seriously trip me out, then … Continue reading

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A shout-out to amigos, and the Br*ans do improv

This week the Text Technologies course I co-teach is about to begin Rip, Mix, Feed – Reloaded (feedback welcome), and it occurred to me I got some linktribution and love karma to give out. Among the things I didn’t blog … Continue reading

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Con muchas ganas

Not my hotel’s beach, originally uploaded by MrGluSniffer. It’s my immense good fortune to be in San Juan right now, at the conclusion of three days of meetings between a wide variety of Latin American institutions, one university from Spain/Catalonia, … Continue reading

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