Eulogy 2006

DIGITAL SHORT (13 minutes)

The only way to fly is to stand still…


When a suicidal businessman leaps to his death, three homeless bystanders begin a journey to bury him in a way they see befitting his life, his death, and his dreams.  Eulogy is a poetic and surreal story of a boy’s downfall into manhood and the passing from life to death.

Eulogy is a visceral film that scrutinizes the feeling of being inextricably linked to the more-than-human world and the longing we experience when we become alienated from it.  It explores the sense of belonging we often experience as children when we have the capacity to appreciate the beauty of the simplest details of life:  standing in a field and holding the majesty of a simple wind in our outstretched hand.

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor:  Denise Kenney

Featuring:  Marcel Maillard, Karin Konoval, Meghan Currie, Philip Glerum, Ben Smith, Douglas Ray Dack.

Co-Producers:  John Boe, Kelly-Ruth Mercier

Director of Photography:  Ian Hinkle

Music:  Danny Barnes, Jorane

Production Designer:  Mark Gardiner

Costume Designers: Caroline Coutts, Trena Coulter

Sound Design/Mix:  Peter Lack

The film was made possible with the financial assistance of: The British Columbia Arts Council, The National Film Board of Canada, Independent Filmmakers Society, Washington State University Learning Centre- North Olympic Peninsula.  

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