Turf the Turf 2013


Turf the Turf Video Link

Turf the Turf is a project designed to bring attention to our neighborhoods, but more specifically to our built environments and their relationship to nature (our yards).  With matching funds and project management from the Eco Art Incubator, the City of Kelowna commissioned sound artist Maggie Shirley to develop a public bike tour of creative front yards. MP3 sound files featuring gardener and homeowner interviews, music, soundscapes, and engaging questions and clues can be played at each stop on the route. The tour functions both as one-off facilitated group tours and as a permanent tour, documented through a brochure with a map of the route, information and downloadable sound files.  The city’s Water Smart Program encourages the reduction of our water consumption in Kelowna. One way to reduce or shift the use of water is to create alternatives to grass lawns such as xeriscaping, food gardens or art installations. Turf the Turf fosters pride and enthusiasm in homeowners and participants and nurtures a network for alternative yard creators in the city. Front yards are zones that are both public and private. By encouraging individuals to use these spaces in new ways, it promotes a culture that values front yard gardens as a progressive solution for food production and public engagement.

Creator/Sound Designer:  Maggie Shirley

Co-Producer:  Denise Kenney