Canadian Theatre Review: Ground Rules

CTR copy

“Ground Rules: Live Performance and Eco Art.” Canadian Theatre Review 144 (Fall 2010): 48-53.

Our project Ground Rules began as an exploration of our relationship with the environment.   As we live in Kelowna, B.C. (‘the best place on earth’ according to the license plates) this environment is one of an aggressive commodity culture embedded in an expanse of rugged lake country. Looking under the polished surface of this environment, we were struck by the remnants of an agricultural community; we heard stories of riding horses through what is now Orchard Park Mall; we saw old photographs of the valley in the early years of settlement.   Meanwhile, the city is widening roads, and we are surrounded by frenzied demolition and construction. We observed that local culture had lost its connection to its agricultural heritage. We looked for some way to embody and critique this observation. At this time we weren’t consciously doing “eco-art.” We certainly had no illusions about educating our audience; we were simply embarking on a creation process in accordance with what was preoccupying us at that time.