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The following section contains resources on working up a patient and presenting on a patient

Patient Work-up and Monitoring Form Example (Inpatient)

What you will find here: UBC OEE patient monitoring example template for patient assessment, DTP identification, and care plan development. The format and structure of this form is designed to capture a systematic approach to the pharmaceutical care thought process and presentation.

Inpatient Work-up and Monitoring Form 2019

Checklist for Presenting to a Practice Educator (Inpatient)

What you will find here: UBC OEE Patient Work-up checklist that can be used to ensure that all relevant information regarding patient assessment and care plan is captured and presented to practice educator and other health care professionals.

Patient Work-Up Checklist

Provision of Pharmaceutical Care and Working Up a Patient (Inpatient)

What you will find here: UBC OEE guide developed to provide a framework to systematically working up a patient, creating a care plan, and communicating this information to a practice educator in an inpatient setting.

Working Up a Patient Guide (Inpatient) Feb.3 2018

NESA and Drug Therapy Problem Categories

What you will find here: Document outlining thought process for patient-centered pharmaceutical care (e.g., consideration for whether a medication is necessary, effective, safe, and patient adherence issues) and Drug Therapy Problem (DTP) categories.

NESA and DTP Document