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There’s been lots of fun buzz on RSS and LOs the past couple of days, much of it coming from Alan and D’Arcy’s experiments with Trackback features… (the latest developments here and here). If you’re anything like me, this bit of background on Trackback that Scott Leslie linked to yesterday helps flesh out how this might prove quite useful.

A couple of webloggers here in the UBC community had interesting responses to yesterday’s post on displaying RSS feeds within WebCT.

From Cyprien Lomas, Learning Objects in our Weblogs?

In the same way that much of the linking in ‘blogging’ seems to rest on a referral system, adding trackback to Learning Objects should help build a similar ‘social’ aspect to Learning Objects.

It also seems to short circuit some of the necessity of complete tagging of a learning object. It seemed to me that a weak point in LO theory is the arduous task of metatagging. I keep thinking that nobody is motivated to tag their objects thoroughly enough to make them useful. Looking at existing repositories shows that most of them have more untagged objects than tagged.

If I were a Biology instructor and I

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