RipMixLearn is coming into focus…

I don’t have time or headspace to blog these developments properly, but want to get some of it down so I don’t lose it…

A while back Alan mused:

while the old song RipMixFeed still sounds good, we ought to be thinking along with that the perspectives on how the collected stuff is viewed. There are different needs and reasons for going Inward or Outward in your aggregating.

Which is precisely the problem that interests me most these days. A couple things I’ve seen lately that are worth trying out:

* Stephen Downes’s MyGlu “performs the functionality of SuprGlu – that is, it brings together different RSS feeds into a single display – does it in such a way as to allow you to put your Glu on your own site, allows you to use feeds other than your own, and lets you filter the output.” — If this works it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Now all I’ve got to do is find an office techie with the time to install it for me somewhere.
* David Wiley’s Tagging as Authoring Demo – “the whole web is the repository, the metadata lives in delicious, and the teacher uses an arranging / contextualizing interface like the one below to finalize things. …The user simply clicks on the assignment/project/problem name or description and edits these in place. Then they put enter their delicious username and the special tag they were using on delicious, and all the resources then appear inline below the description. These can then be dragged around and reordered, etc. Save it and you’re done. And there’s your resource reuse and contextualization interface.”

Kind of interesting — when I was first introduced to learning objects five or six years ago Stephen and David were the two people who were unquestionably doing the most interesting and lucid thinking on the subject. Here we are now, and they’re still out front on using the web to promote wide-open networked learning. I’ve gotta go back and riff off of Wiley’s Teacher as DJ and Downes’s Introduction to Connective Knowledge — both are worth more consideration.

I know I’m forgetting relevant material, I’ll likely be updating this entry periodically to add more links.

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