Google does evil…

…but hey, it’s their obligation to their shareholders, right?

It was just their way of having… a bit of fun, the swines. Strange thing is they make such bloody good cameras web applications.

As a comic in all seriousness, I think it’s good business for the ‘do no evil’ crowd to get in on that health care PR industry scratch. I’d like to get a piece of that action myself. (I’ll take this opportunity to restate my intent to sell out my services, body and/or soul to the highest bidder at Big Money’s convenience, but alas, I’m still waiting for some corporate hack, any corporate hack to make a single reasonably lucrative bid.)

And as the dialogue storm over Sicko builds in its odd, inevitable way, do keep in mind one critical fact. It’s been documented on this weblog and elsewhere that Michael Moore is rather rude.

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