Do you have a metadata repository with a SOAP layer?

Or know of one?

If so, please email me:

We’d like to do some testing.

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3 Responses to Do you have a metadata repository with a SOAP layer?

  1. CAREO is built on an XML-RPC layer… Extremely similar to SOAP. CAREO is itself technically a client application of a separate metadata management server. Communication between the two components occurs exclusively through XML-RPC.

    Any other application can take advantage of the XML-RPC API. Info at

    Also, as soon as the EduSource Communication Layer (ECL) is ready to roll, CAREO (and all other EduSource repositories) will be speaking SOAP. We’re hoping for this to happen before summer 2003.

  2. David Davies says:


    The back end that drives this interop demo is SOAP-based.

    What’s nice is that it’s already cross-searching other institution’s metadata records so we could potentially do some very nice cross-site SOAP work.

    Although the public front end shows only multiple choice questions, if you wanted to do some experiments we could allow you access to other data types such as web pages, images, video clips and curriculum objects such as sessions and learning outcomes.

    We use Dublin Core so you’d be able to query any of that metadata.

    Please get in touch if you’d like to try some things.



  3. David Davies says:

    I should have also said it’d be interesting to try to link up with D’Arcy’s server using XML-RPC.

    D’Arcy, in order to use the repository.simplesearch method do I need to become a member? I tried looking at the userguide but it appears to be blank. What are the arrangments for membership?



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