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Some may say that reading your own referral logs reveals passive egomania lurking in the dark heart of the weblogger. But had I never checked the list of referrers to this site I would never have discovered openobjects: constructing learning objects from their unfinished parts.

Openobjects is where a mysterious weblogger (no bio, no contact info) going by the handle of “Azzato” meditates on the subject of learning objects. Not concerned with mundane topics such as standards, tools, or techniques, Azzato instead explores the ineffable intersections between learning objects, post-structural metaphysics, and the mapping of pedagogic space.

From April 21:

The knowledge becomes then in a geometric place that one is framed by relative social surroundings and it is potentially accessible to the action of any individual…

Followed up the next day (that would be April 22):

…the limits that define the educative space vanish. The society of the knowledge becomes a network of objects of learning available. The learning objects become systems containers of new objects. The structure is in the open, the objects are positioned in different levels and they show geometries that the relation among them describes.

I’d quote more, but that’s it. No other postings.

One of my quarrels with the term “learning objects” is that it’s a clunky, borderline ugly turn of phrase. Utterly devoid of poetry. Whenever I say those two words an unpleasant aftertaste lingers on in my mouth… Yet now I must concede that this term has inspired lyric metaphor from at least one human being. I would never have believed it possible.

Way to go Azzato, whoever you are.

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  1. David Wiley says:

    This site must be a joke. The people links on the side contain a few of those on my site, which includes a link to Mike Cazad, a high school best friend who has nothing to do with inst tech, let alone LOs, RSS, or the like…

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