N.NE: roadmap for a new syndication standard

Laura Trippi with a characteristically amusing and useful overview of machinations in the tangled world of emerging (converging? diverging?) RSS standards… worth quoting at length:

The Log Format Roadmap page lays out the plan. This will be a new syndication standard for personal publishing, marking up and exchanging content, potentially replacing RSS.

Gasp!, say some developers. Groan!, say the content-coders who have finally managed to bushwhack their way through the thickets of RSS, get their content encoded correctly enough to pass muster, and maybe a little RSS reader running on the side. But, as Tim Bray at ongoing points out, the complications — confusion, controversy — plaguing RSS are precisely the point:

There are multiple 0.9* versions, the RSS 1.0 crowd, the plurality (maybe majority) favorite RSS 2.0, and the confusion is intense enough that Mark Pilgrim and Aaron Swartz create joke versions with

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