LOVCOP’s on the scene…

If you read Alan or D’Arcy (and if you don’t you should), you already know that we will be co-presenting a teleconference presentation for Educause’s Learning Objects Virtual Community of Practice entitled What’s the Fuss about RSS?.

It would be delightful to attract a contingent of participants that extends beyond the usual LOVCOP crowd — to charge the discussion and to illustrate that this subject deserves better than fringe status in the discourse around reusable media. Although there’s plenty of interest when I mention RSS, and colleagues here at UBC have been keen and supportive, there’s still a sense that this is somehow not the “real”, grown-up way of doing things. I personally would like this approach to move from the sideshow and become accepted as a viable mainstream strategy (one of many).

I recognise that to most of the people reading this weblog I need not make that case. One of the things we hope to discuss tomorrow is how this loose online community has generated discussion and moved work forward without central structures or funding. I’ve said this before, but thanks to all of you for providing me with so much useful information, stimulating conversation, feedback and support.

Alan and D’Arcy have both noted that we put this together remotely using email, iChat and wikis… and speaking for myself had a blast doing so. I hope it all comes together tomorrow (and at the MERLOT conference next month)… though I’m so impressed with my collaborators that I’m confident things will be cool, so long as I don’t speak too much.

Our wiki will serve as something of an outline for our discussion (Alan is hosting a stable version). Hope it’s not too dense, and that it makes sense. Suggestions are welcome. Hope you can join us tomorrow.

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3 Responses to LOVCOP’s on the scene…

  1. Alan says:

    I hope to be there.

    I am eager mostly to learn what the acronym RSS stands for 😉

  2. Wait… You mean it actually STANDS for something?

  3. Brian says:

    Looks like we got some more work to do…

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