RSS Reality Check

From the fine weblog Library Stuff, on my home and native land:

Free health care, legalized gay marriages, and RSS in the government. Such a forward thinking country.

Not to seem unpatriotic… but universal health care gets less and less universal every year, the government hasn’t actually legalized the gay marriages yet (merely had a law struck down by the courts, such a thing might even happen south of the 49th parallel), and the RSS in government, well…

I was very excited by this announcement as well. And in my evangelical role here on campus mentioned it to a number of people as evidence of the RSS juggernaut rolling on. My enthusiam was tempered when I actually tried subscribing to a few feeds. “Educators” – nada. “Job seekers” – zilch. “Non-governmental organizations” – zip. “British Columbia” – nil. A few more tries, and I concluded that this much-heralded initiative was all shell and no escargot…

It’s not quite that bad, it looks like a couple categories have a bit of content. But until the Feds figure out exactly what they want to be feeding us out here in the hinterlands, I’ll have to file this one under “wouldn’t it be cool if…”.

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  1. Martha Whitehead says:

    Brian, yeah, I find the “Definitely NOT the Government of Canada” BlogsCanada ( much more informative!

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