Roads are for hockey…

People 1, Cars 0 Roads are for hockey
They know how to crash the net Keeping Van Rock City Groovy -- One Puck at a Time

Those of you who responded to my last not-quite-cryptic references in my last posting were correct… as of last Friday it appears that my family are now home debtors. We move at the end of May. I never knew that a lifetime of financial obligation could feel so liberating.

On Sunday I got some reinforcement on the upside of our decision. Protesting plans for a major expansion of a freeway into East Vancouver, a road hockey game blocking Commercial Drive to automobiles (but not to buses) was staged. “Roads are for hockey” proclaimed one sign, “People 1, Cars 0” another. It struck me as a peculiarly East Van sort of event, and the thought that we had just set down deeper roots in the neighborhood was satisfying. I love this place, don’t want to leave, and now it seems more likely that we won’t have to.

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3 Responses to Roads are for hockey…

  1. Jeremy says:

    Congratulations on the plunge into homeownership, Brian.

    The anti-freeway rally looks like a blast — nice to see play integrated into the serious business of protesting.

  2. Gardner says:

    Huzzah! Sometimes things – just – work – out.

  3. Rob Wall says:

    … since we won’t be seeing any hockey on TV for a while! :^(

    But seriously – congrats on your entry into home ownership. Before too long, you’ll be looking at your neighbour’s lawn wondering why the weeds always seem to be on your side of the property line. ;^)

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