Students on blogging: “I’m so freakin’ curious about this, y’know?”

Will Richardson posts and links to a host of student reactions to blogging in the curriculum. As Bud the Teacher suggests, “Wouldn’t it be terrible if the decisions about blog use in classrooms were all made for students, instead of with them?”

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2 Responses to Students on blogging: “I’m so freakin’ curious about this, y’know?”

  1. Yeah. That’s the biggest thing bugging me about the weblogs@ucalgary program! I’ve done some presentation type stuff to show students the software, but they weren’t involved in the setup of the system

    I’m presenting it again at Faculty Technology Days on May 4, but that’s not a student thing, either…

  2. kele says:

    Brian, this the crux of the e-portfolio question too. How do we choose a campus-wide e-portfolio software solution WITHOUT listening to the students…hearing their feedback on which technology worked for them & why. Thanks for posting this link. It’s interesting to sift through the comments.

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