On the futility of (me) conference blogging…

[Reporting semi-live from the UMW Faculty Academy…]

I am a terrible conference blogger. But textual silence is not indicative of a lack of interest on my part… quite the opposite. I’ve been having a blast through most of the sessions, some of which have triggered frontal lobe blowouts (a good thing). I’ll definitely be following up on at least a couple of them.

And I must admit my attention is conflicted, as I’ve been using the wireless to tinker with my third and final session. The premise of the hands-on workshop is simple: if it’s too much material for a half-day timeslot, it will be perfect in a one hour slot. Dubious logic, I admit, but I’m clinging to my delusions, at least until the end of the day.

Thanks to everyone who offered the supportive words to my previous post — I think my talk Been digital so long it feels like print to me… and the wiki workshop yesterday both went passably well… I was more self-indulgent with “Been digital” than usual, incorporating a riff on Glenn Gould and finishing up with a reading of Wallace Steven’s “Long and Sluggish Lines.” Once again I leaned heavily on the kindness and intelligence of the audience, and once again that leap of faith was rewarded.

Now off to conduct my experiment in uncontrolled information overload…

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3 Responses to On the futility of (me) conference blogging…

  1. Jeff says:

    As a member of that audience, I don’t feel like you were self-indulgent at all. You brought a multiplicity of digital perspectives that the audience needed and wanted to see. Thanks!

  2. Josie Fraser says:

    Blamb! This stuff is resource gold! and you’re Blamb again!

  3. Gardner says:

    Passably well … naah. Passably splendid, more like it. Oh, let’s give it its real name: electrifying. And all too short.

    This is one lonely building in the aftermath.

    What an extraordinary time we had. I’m profoundly grateful.

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