I am not worthy

Some fairly pedestrian posts have prompted some amazing comments. I find myself unable to offer these welcome visitors the appropriate hospitality (in part due to other pressures, mostly because I’m not quite sure how to respond adequately), but I wanted to at least point at some of the recent comment strings, which contain some juicy nuggets: here, here, and here. Sincere thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts and your energy.

One thought that did occur to me while reading the back and forth — although I like to think of myself as down with social software and therefore down with the kidz as well, my own social software ecology looks very different than the one I observe the kidz using. I rarely use IM, and usually feel like gaming is a waste of time. On the other hand, I usually have to introduce the use of an RSS reader to students who start working here at OLT (then again, they almost always pick it up very quickly).

I seem to recall a few months back some story that broke down adoption of RSS readers amongst different age groups of avid internet users, and that seemed to conclude that RSS readers were a technology primarily of the, ahem, mature set and not younger users. Does this ring any bells?

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  1. Hey! I am by NO MEANS describable as “mature”. Jeez.

  2. well, ok. Maybe “old” fits. But “mature”?

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