The Thunderbird soars

Some very cool, very exciting stuff is happening at UBC’s School of Journalism.  The process is still in its early stages, but if you want to get a sense of where things are headed, check out what’s going on with its online publication The Thunderbird.  Best described in their own words:

No one has ever attempted this ever before in Vancouver: keeping tabs on what ALL the news and non-traditional media are reporting during a municipal election campaign. It’s a massive news scan – focusing just on Vancouver.

A team of 15 graduate students at UBC’s School of
Journalism are digging through tons of newsprint, hours of TV and radio news, and virtual lifetimes of online digital data. All of it.

All for you.

More civic news than you knew you wanted, probably more than you can digest. But it’s all here – from battling bloggers to dueling pundits and everything in between.

This coverage kicks anything else I’m aware of — the media environment of my local civic space just got a whole lot richer and a whole lot groovier.  One of the things that impresses me most is the prominence of the most compelling content.  I should note that this publication has been given a complete reworking over a very short period of time, and presently drips with all manner of social software rich chocolatey goodness — this is a great example of a blog that pushes the definitions of what a blog is about. Serious kudos are in order.

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