The real big news…

Forget about the latest confirmation that the Web 2.0 business model is to get bought by Yahoo! or Google. My own big news is surviving the day that is circled in blood-red ink on my calendar every year. We met the TLEF application deadline, submitting our office’s raison d’etre a full hour before the doors slam shut… now all that remains to be seen is if the University powers agree with our justification for existence.

It was the usual administrative root canal. Not as bad as previous years, though that’s not saying much. I work with some very talented people with loads of great ideas, both in my own unit and across the campus, which makes the whole process just bearable.

I mainly blog this for people wondering why I haven’t been responding to their emails, or who are waiting on other work from me. I am now moving to address the massive slushpile of shameful neglect. I’m almost afraid to look.

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I am a Strategist and Discoordinator with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My main blogging space is Abject Learning, and I sporadically update a short bio with publications and presentations over there as well...
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6 Responses to The real big news…

  1. Hi Brian,

    Good to hear you made the deadline…Feel free to use the UBC SCI Team as an example of why OLT’s work is important.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Kyle — I do point to the SCI Team wiki, but usually as an example of students doing great work on their own. Glad you see it as all of us in it together — that’s my view too.

    In the meantime, I urge people to check out the SCI Team wiki, a wonderful student-run wiki resource:

  3. Thanks Brian,

    But you’re too modest! The SCI Team website would never have been configured as a wiki if you and the OLT weren’t such great leaders for technology-infused education.

  4. Gardner says:

    Late but hearty congratulations. Another year reborn. Huzzah!

  5. David Wiley says:

    Congratulations! I know how painful this sort of thing can be. Good on ya’.

  6. Brian says:

    Geez, some fearsomely smart, super-nice people read this blog. Stop it now people, I might start weeping (and I still have another week of backlog to push through, gotta keep the eye of the tiger, ya know?)…

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