Ninmah embarks

It’s a gas to see that Rachel Smith has started up a weblog. Rachel has been a catalyst and synthesist (among other things) with the New Media Consortium, does a lot of cool stuff with some amazing people. She made the most of her five minutes of fame at the ELI Annual Meeting, delivering a stellar riff on gaming. I’ll be reading and clicking.

Normally, I let new bloggers get up a bit of steam before throwing linkage their way. But Rachel is fast out of the gate, and already using her space to make things happen:

I know you’re out there. NMC members who play World of Warcraft. It’s time to step forward and admit it. I’m not talking twelve steps here — who wants to quit, right? — I’m talking guild runs, Strat and Scholo and UBRS. You know you want to!

Hot Wheeler Now, the closest I get to networked gaming is playing Hot Wheels with Harry while listening to WFMU. But ELI definitely gave me a sense of how rich the thinking around gaming has gotten. I wish knew how to find time and mental space to get a better sense of it.

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2 Responses to Ninmah embarks

  1. Rachel says:

    Hah, thanks, Brian! Looking at that photo, who wouldn’t want to play Hot Wheels with Harry? Awesome. WoW is a timesink and no mistake. Play Hot Wheels while you can 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    Timesink? We played with those cars for two hours!

    Hopefully Harry will continue his rapid progress with the keyboard — maybe we’ll be playing WoW together soon.

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