The Moose is in motion

Forgot my camera, but it doesn’t matter much as the the Flickr feed is humming. As ever, I am especially in awe of KK’s shots. Our own Moose Camp Hootenanny went pretty well, I think. We had a good turnout and there was lots of compelling discussion from the attendees. We ended abruptly, I had thought we had a full hour but apparently somebody snapped up our second slot in the Moose Camp grid.

And yesterday’s Salon generated about three hours of multi-streamed stimulating chat that will be packaged into podcasts soon. I must say, I am rapidly growing enamoured of this minimalist discussion-based format for events. Rather than spending last night slaving over presentation materials, we slaved over ceviche and then let the boys geek out in my living room over tasty beverages.

I’d do this full-on wing-it mode every time, except that this approach depends on having super-talented and fun-loving co-conspirators. Check out Scott’s El Guapo’s Revenge (MP3) for a bit of sonic flavour. Thanks amigos!

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5 Responses to The Moose is in motion

  1. Jeremy says:

    KK apparently takes better photos of people with a low-res CAMERA PHONE than most us can capture with a real camera…

  2. Scott Leslie says:

    Doesn’t this picture look sad! Really, we had a great time, and I swear we weren’t just sitting around staring at our computer screens the whole time!

  3. Jeremy says:

    As long as you weren’t sitting there IM’ing and e-mailing each other…
    : )

  4. hmmm sorry about the second slot
    i thought *you* removed it yourself because of your thursday session at UBC.

    my apologies (and i’ll track down the culprit 🙂 ! )

  5. Brian says:

    Roland — you’ve got NOTHING to apologise for. You did an awesome job riding shotgun on the self-organized scene today. I should have pre-secured the second slot personally — it was Moose Camp mayhem out there!

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