And now he is four…

He's four

The latest birthday seems to call for it, but I really can’t write a post that does justice to my little man Harry. I hope it suffices to say that while fatherhood has been the greatest challenge of my life, one that has wreaked havoc on my sleep patterns and my sense of self, it has also been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced. I can only hope that my many shortcomings don’t prevent me from doing an adequate job of it. This kid deserves a super-Dad (thankfully, Keira covers the motherhood side quite magnificently).

Thank you Harry, for helping me to see the world through new eyes, and opening up a whole new way of being in that world. Thank you for being the funniest and most utterly charming person I know. I love you so much it drives me crazy.

A little treat for Harry’s legion of admirers: the first song co-written by The Lamb Boyz, a little ditty entitled “Ice Cream Piggy-Wiggy” (1.2 MB MP3). It was recorded some months ago, so the boy has made about a half-dozen quantum leaps in verbal skill since then. I wish I could say the same thing about my guitar playing. Harry doubles up on the xylophone, that’s Mom on harmonica, percussion and “woo-woo’s”, and Jason Toal adds some vocals and did the recording.

And for those of you that missed the original post, and since it’s birthday appropriate, an encore of Harry’s Cake Mix (794 KB MP3).

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7 Responses to And now he is four…

  1. happy birthday, H! that’s one heckuva little pirate costume 😉

  2. Patty Foster says:

    Wow! A jellybean raspberry chocolate cake! I’m so jealous…….

    You’re lucky to have such a nice kid brian!

  3. Andy Rush says:

    Aargh! And a Happy Birthday to (not so) little Harry!

  4. Mike Bogle says:

    Happy Birthday Harry! He’s getting so big! What an adorable song too, thanks for sharing it. I reckon your guitar playing sounds pretty good by the way – your singing too for that matter. I’m looking forward to family jam sessions at some point myself. At the moment Maddie loves seeing the guitar come out, but then proceeds to see how much stuff she can cram into the sound hole while I’m not looking (e.g. guitar picks, kleenex, blocks, silverware, food etc.). It’s always interesting to see how kids interpret and use every day objects 🙂

    Take care Brian!

  5. Alan says:

    Go, Harry, go!

    Aye, matey, happy birthday from your friends in Arizona.

  6. Bryan says:

    Arrrr! Happy birthday, me lad.

  7. mitch says:

    Great Scott, is that a pirate hat?

    I’m a little late on this but… happy birthday, Harry! 🙂

    (Hi Brian! I’m at work right now so I can’t listen to the Ice Cream Piggy-Wiggy, but I will when I get home, hahaha.)

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