Online Seminar – Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences

As a run-up to the edublogger jam at Northern Voice (oh, that reminds me, I gotta spruce up that session page), Sylvia Currie (one of our estimable featured participants) passes on word of an online seminar that might prove to be a useful networked complement… the timing is certainly perfect:

Seminar: Blogging to Enhance Learning Experiences
February 12 – 25, 2007
Facilitated by Michael Griffith

How are you using blogs to enhance learning experiences? Blogging is becoming a familiar activity in our daily lives, and many educators are integrating blogs into their teaching practices. This seminar is an opportunity to share our blogging experiences and to discuss effective strategies for teaching and learning.

Access the seminar directly:
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SCoPE is an online community hosted by Simon Fraser University. Discussions are moderated by volunteers in our community, and are free and open to the public. We expect and welcome newcomers, latecomers, and passersby. Please spread the word!

I plan on making a nuisance of myself during this — it strikes me as a perfect opportunity to play with some ideas and get my invective juices flowing as a warmup for NV. Assuming the discussion goes well, we will certainly try to draw on the outcomes during the NV session.

As an aside, kudos to the SCoPE planners for allowing anyone to read what’s going on without creating an account. It shouldn’t even be worth noting, but I’m always amazed at how many planners put up walls protecting themselves against interested bystanders (a perfectly respectful path to take on the road to participation).

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