You didn’t ask for more, in fact you asked for less, but here’s yet another piece of uninformed music industry bloggery…

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DRM- it makes things inaccessable., originally uploaded by vrogy.

I’ve recently namechecked both the Lefsetz Letter and Ian Rogers, so when Lefsetz blogs about Rogers I just gotta chase that rabbit down the hole. Here are a few choice passages, devoid of context, commentary, or any value-add whatsoever [really, it’s hard to live with myself]:

The old model is market the hell out of diminishing quality. Whereas in the Net era, you focus on quality, marketing is secondary.

Ian told a great story. He went to a teen leadership conference. There were in excess of two hundred kids there. He asked them how many had seen “Lazy Sunday“. Every single kid raised his hand. Every single one. How many had seen the original broadcast, on SNL? Almost none. How many had seen “Superman”, the blockbuster being hyped at the same time? Fewer than ten. Why had everybody seen “Lazy Sunday”? Because it was FUNNY!

And that tells you almost all you need to know about today’s media world. Kids are only interested in quality, and they’re going to consume it when they want to, not on your schedule.

…Ian’s for open standards.

The labels are for scarcity.

The days of scarcity are done. DRM is done. If you’re not thinking how to enable your fans, get them to spread the word on great music, you’re probably sitting in an ivory tower pissed that people aren’t paying twenty bucks a CD. You’re on your way to extinction. You need to go out, you need to spend money in order to survive. The labels have cut back so far, everybody in the business has cut back so far, that they’ve surrendered the future to newbies. If you were here, you would have learned this. But, don’t worry, just watch. As the new world emerges and you’re sidelined.

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