I use the enemy…

I had resolved to give the Edupunk thing a rest, lest I uncork a rant on the differences between “a metaphor” and “a movement” or offer up patronizing tips on how to tell if someone is having a bit of fun.

But Martin Weller’s response to Tony Hirst’s video is too funny for me to ignore. Watch it in full-screen mode, and for the second straight day I’m happy to urge you to crank the sucker:

I’ve never met Martin, but I bet he would look awesome in leather pants.

In all sincerity, seeing someone based in Cardiff assemble something with such clever references as well as funny nods to the social dimension of our scene… it brings home to me that not only do I work in a fascinating and dynamic field, we get to have big time fun as well. Not to be taken for granted.

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