Save the UBC Farm – can we?

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2008 has been marked by disturbing revelations about the global food market, as we learn that the heavy energy dependence of large-scale commodity farming can have shocking consequences. Is the need for innovative change toward truly sustainable (ie local as possible) agriculture even in question? Here in North America, we’ve also learned that using real estate speculation to drive economic growth can be a dangerous game.

So, this would seem to be a strange moment in human history to plan moving or shrinking the UBC Farm to build “market housing” (AKA condos).

There have been a number of times where cool peers from elsewhere in the world have congratulated me on working for a university progressive enough to have a comprehensive sustainability plan (which we certainly do hear about here as well), and I’m proud to be associated with an institution that at least thinks in terms of food security in its campus plan. But it also seems to me this is a pretty clear case where we learn where the real priorities are, and which principles are just happy talk…

You don’t need to be part of UBC to care about this, or to influence the outcome. To The Quick has details on what you can do to make your voice heard.

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