Web 2.0 nightmare, part 1: a sell-out, who knew?

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A more or less random sampling from my RSS newsreader:

Remember how the web (and “web 2.0”) were supposed to be a huge force of democratization? As we all know, time and again it turns into just another ad platform to sell lowest common denominator mass marketed commercial trash. That is really a tragedy.

When ReadWriteWeb is talking like this, then we know the times, they are a-changin’…

A few of us old dudes saw this sad moment coming. The best thing about aging is preemptive disillusionment.

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6 Responses to Web 2.0 nightmare, part 1: a sell-out, who knew?

  1. Gardner says:

    Sometimes I think Web 2.0 may at least be agile, and if that’s not as good as democratic, it may be good enough to keep the light shining….

  2. LumpenProf says:

    Oddly, this post has helped me a lot. Thanks!

  3. can’t democratization and concentration happen at the same time?

  4. can’t democratization and monetization/concentration happen at the same time?

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