Ladies and Gentlemen….

There’s been a fair bit of buzz on Twitter this week about The Coh, some about his ongoing “give me a new nestegg” tour (which I personally can’t afford to top up), some about the music…

The National Film Board has posted some classic Cohen recently, the magnificent Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen. If you watch the opening five minutes, I suspect you will be held by his unbelievable charisma through the whole forty-five minute film:

He performs, he ponders, he parties… One thing I like about this film is that while I have always thought of Cohen as a figure who transcends nationalism, the way he interacts with 60’s Montreal makes it clear he is very much a Canadian artist.

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2 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemen….

  1. drgonzo says:

    Somebody give me some subtitles right now! 😛

  2. César says:

    One warning: for some reason, the RSS feed tells me, in Google Reader, ‘désolé, ce film n’est pas disponible pour le moment’, though it works just fine here. Strange…

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