2011 Adventures Countdown

I had begun to think that 2011 had been a bit dull, so I came up with 11 adventures I experienced last year. I tweeted about them all day yesterday. Here’s the full list, as tweeted, in case you’re interested:

#11 I’m now a runner (not the illegal kind). I learned to run. Outside. This was a big deal for me.

#10 Joining a book club. Never been a big reader, but this symbolized new commitment to valuing leisure in my life.

#9 Climbing a mountain! The Chief in Squamish. It was amazing. Stunning view, picnic @ the top. Great friends.

#8 Joined friends in a motorboat ride around Vancity from False Creek to Deep Cove. Glorious once I got used to it!

#7 I took a 10th Ed US research methods textbook and created its 1st Canadian Ed: Cozby and Rawn (2012).

#6 Stayed out at a house party until 4am… something I hadn’t done in many many years (thanks@Wine2Three!)

#5 I was the designated driver for a whole weekend in the Okanagan. More driving than in the past 3yrs combined!

#4 Treated like Rockstars on Okanagan trip. Thanks @Road13Vineyards @PaintedRockJohn@SandraOldfield @RussellBall

#3 VanSantaClausParade with Wes the Westjet balloon, peppmocha, sun, & great friends who support my parade love!

#2 Achieved winegeek status: had a 2010 ehrenfelser & wished it was 2009. Then looked @lesleyduncan & laughed!

#1 I met someone the day she was born & watched her grow for 9 wks. Pretty awesome. So are my friends who made her.


Here’s to an even more adventurous 2012! Happy New Year everyone!

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