Coming Soon: My Responses to Student Evaluations of Teaching

Thank you to each of my students who took the time to complete a student evaluation of teaching this year. Overall, your response rate was the highest I’ve ever received! Thank you! (Since 2009/2010, response rates across all courses have been 54%, 55%, 49%, and, this 2012/2013 year, boasted the high of 62%.) I value hearing from each of you, and every year your feedback helps me to become a better teacher.

When I receive my evaluations, I take my time exploring and interpreting both the qualitative and quantitative feedback. I have already created graphs depicting results from the University Module Items, which are 6 questions that are asked about every instructor across campus. I have posted those graphs (and the precise wording of each question) here for your consideration. With respect to the open-ended responses, I appreciate and consider every thoughtful comment. The ones I write about are typically those that reflect common themes echoed by numerous students.

I am in the process of writing reflections on the feedback I received from each of my courses, and will be posting them over the coming weeks. Check out last year’s reflections on intro, research methods, stats, and Psyc 208 special topics), for comparisons.

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