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Braille: Moving the Blind Community from Oral to Literate

Pre-Braille Environment The 1800’s were a time characterized by rapid industrialization and growth started by the Industrial Revolution. The social changes during this time were various and widespread, influencing aspects of life including art, religion and politics. The changes were … Continue reading

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A Summary with Selected Readings

In this post, I’m going to summarize the topics we covered in the course, going by module and referring to other posts on this blog. Module 1: Introductions and Defining Terms We started off by explaining what the terms text … Continue reading

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Creating Accessible TEXT

Howdy, Hello, and Ahoy-hoy! My name is Jerry Mah and ETEC 540 will be my seventh course in my journey through MET. I am also taking ETEC 531 (Cultural and New Media Studies) this term. I currently reside in Calgary, … Continue reading

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Text – A personal understanding

I have created the above image to represent my new understanding of text. I translated the simple word ‘text’ into many different languages including Morse code and braille. I believe text to be the use of symbols to provide communication. … Continue reading

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Visually Supported Text

Hello, my name is Scott McKay and I work with a program called SETBC that provides specific technologies to students with special needs. I have chosen this particular photo as it illustrates how a product called Boardmaker can be used … Continue reading

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