Meiji University National Application Leader

For many years, Waseda received the most applications for its undergraduate program. Recently, 明治大学 has surpassed it (over 113,000 applications in 2011, with only 1 out of nearly 25 students being offered admission), mainly based on its decision to open up as many application channels as possible. That means that prospective students can apply on the basis of recommendations, the センター試験, and many other categories.

I can only assume that this is a strategy to stave off the decline in student numbers that private universities are facing throughout Japan based on demographic developments and their dependence on tuition payments for funding.

Another case further down the prestige hierarchy is Toyo University (東洋大学) which has parlayed success in the (often televised) Ekiden (駅伝) long-distance races into national prominence and an increase in application.

One response to “Meiji University National Application Leader

  1. Earl H. Kinmonth

    There are reasons other than avoiding enrollment decline for trying to raise the number of applicants. The first is financial. If Meiji is getting 113,000 applicants that means it is taking in 3390000000 yen in income while spending a tiny fraction of that amount to actually offer the exam. The second is prestige. If you can goose the applicant to acceptance rate, your hensachi goes up making it look like you are a more desirable and prestigious university without actually having done anything to raise the quality of your instruction or research.


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