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Hey, you. It’s been a while. A longer while than I care to admit.

The thing is, lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve got nothing to say. The first two years of my degree, I felt like everything was new and worth sharing, and now, well, it all just feels routine. Uninteresting. Not worth reporting. I’ve got my good times and bad times, fun times and boring times, but I sort of feel like I’ve got this university thing down and sometimes I forget that maybe the everyday life of a university student might actually be of interest.

A quick update, then. My room mate has decided she will be moving out next year. It’s not that we got into fights, or can’t stand each other’s habits, it’s just that at the moment she’s sleeping in the living room and doesn’t like it anymore. Can’t blame her, but I’ll definitely miss her. I’ll either be getting a new room mate or a cat next year, depending on if someome I know gets in to UBC and wants to forgo res.

I’m leaving for Belgium in about two weeks (OH MY GOSH!) and I’ve got a lot to do before then. Sign up on the registry, photocopy my passport, get foreign currency, inform the back I’ll be using my credit card overseas, pack, practice practice practice…

There is also a bunny living in my place right now. It belongs to my friend whose landlord doesn’t allow pets. It’s very cute, but also pretty messy… I don’t think I’ll be too sorry when it leaves.

I’ve also been eating out a lot this year. There are a lot of cool places in Vancouver that are pretty cheap, so you should get out there and try some!

Oh, I also have a Work Study job as an usher for school of music concerts, did I mention that? I should make a post about it some time.

Well, it’s been nice catching up with you. Hopefully I’ll be talking to you again soon!

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