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Room Mates!

Okay. I am officially entirely moved in. Except for my posters, I haven’t put them up in my room yet. And my rental harp doesn’t come til tomorrow. But that’s it! Everything is out of its box and in its place. Ahhhh.

My parents leave tomorrow, and then it’ll just be me and my room mate, Christie.  Me and Christie met in Totem Park last year, where we lived on the same floor and joined the knitting club together. So, asking her to live with me this year was kind of a no-brainer and doesn’t have me stressed out at all.

Me and Christie!

However, this is both of our first times living with a room mate; we both had single rooms last year.It helps that we know each other and are friends already; I imagine moving in with someone you don’t know would be much harder.  Even so, we wrote up a room mate agreement a few days ago to make sure we don’t get on each other’s nerves too much. (Seriously though, we’re two of the most mellow people you’ll ever meet – I don’t anticipate much nerve-getting-on.)

We decided that Christie’s bed and desk (essentially her “room”) would be in the living, and I’d take the bedroom, for a couple reasons: we each get our own space, no waking up from each other’s alarms, and I’ll be renting a harp, and this way I can put it in my room and it won’t be in Christie’s way.

We talked about noise (note that we are quiet people) and basically decided that we have to respect the condo rules for quiet time, and in addition just be sensitive about if people are sleeping. That said, if someone is sleeping in until 1 PM (unlikely), the other person can just go about their business without tip-toeing. Regarding visitors, we both pretty much have the same friends, but if someone will be coming over we agreed to just send a text beforehand to give the other person a heads up.

Most of our agreement was regarding cleaning: what needs to cleaned and how often. Mostly we decided that if you make a mess, clean it up right away, and clean as you go. If you don’t make the place dirty, there will be less work less often.  We opted not to make a cleaning schedule because our lives are gonna get crazy busy crazy fast and there will be times when it’s just not gonna happen. Just as general guidelines, the kitchen should be swept once a week, the bathroom given a good scrub down about once a month (or when it needs it), etc…

Honestly, I think we’ll have a pretty good time. Our personalities line up, we already know each other, have similar sleeping habits, and very importantly have our own rooms. I imagine having a room mate in residence would be a challenge; by the end of last year I was glad I didn’t get the double room I had initially asked for. Even still, I believe a pair of room mates can get along with honest guidelines set out in the beginning, and open communications kept up after that.



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Beat the Stress

Even though school doesn’t even start for 5 days, I’m already feeling the stress that comes every September. Between auditions, moving in, catch-up assignments, renting a harp, and cooking and paying for everything myself for the first time, things are a little bit crazy. So I thought it’d be a good time to share how I beat my stress and then probably take my own advice, too.

1. Breathe.  Take a minute. Slow down. Take a few deeeeeep, long breaths. If you’re stressed, you may actually be holding your breath or taking shallow breaths, making you even more tense.  By just breathing deeply, your brain will function a little better with more air, and your heart rate will slow down, and that stress will ebb away a little bit. I find that just focusing on one thing, your breath, it’s easier to put everything else you have to do into perspective and it’s easer to deal with.

2. Time Management.  If you can sort out everything you need to do  and when, you can start to see that you actually can handle what’s on your plate and that you’re going to get it done. I always find that once I’ve got a plan of attack, I feel way better.

3. Take Action. Okay, you’ve got your plan, now do it. I always find that if I’m stressed about a test coming up, studying for it will make me feel better. The more prepared and confident I feel, the less I need to stress. And once you’ve taken steps to do something about what’s stressing you out, you’ve got one less thing on your to-do list. Breathe that sigh of relief.

4.  Find something that de-stresses you.  For me, it’s yoga – I get to take an hour each week just to breath, and focus on feeling my body in the moment, and just step away from everything that tenses me up.  For you, it could be making art, playing a sport or running, taking up a craft like knitting, talking with friends, the list goes on. Just find what works for you. It’s important to take time for yourself, or you’ll get burnt out.

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Moving In

Three – the number of hours spent in IKEA.

Two – the number of chairs currently existing in my kitchen so I no longer have to sit on the floor.

One – the number of real beds in my bedroom, meaning I don’t have to sleep on an air mattress anymore!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve finally moved all my stuff into my condo – not to say I’m fully moved in, but all the boxes are safely inside my little bundle of space.  Yesterday was a day so busy and chaotic I didn’t even get to do my daily school countdown post (by the way, there are 6 days left). Today will be a day of do-it-yourself IKEA construction, unpacking boxes, and if I’m lucky, putting the finishing touches on my room.

Okay, let’s be honest. It’s going to be a day of my parents constructing the piecemeal IKEA furniture, me doing a little bit of unpacking, and then running off to practice in the music building, take part in a photo shoot for the new, and then later going over to my friend Natasha’s house for an overnight LOST marathon.  I’m sure my parents will be fine without me… probably better off, actually, given my experience with a hammer. (Explanation: none.)  In all seriousness though, I’m extremely lucky to have parents who love me enough to drive my stuff halfway across the country, buy me furniture, move it for me, and then set it up. EXTREMELY EXTREMELY LUCKY.

Moving in so far has been pretty smooth, unless you count the doormat causing the door to not be able to open. But I’m not really counting that.


P.S. Yes, I get to be in a photo shoot today! UBC is coming out with a new students website, and of course they need to photos to go with it. I’ve always wondered how you get to be one of those smiling people on the various UBC websites, and now I get to be one of them! EEEEEEE!

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Need a Job? Work on Campus

Are you looking for a part time job for during the school year? The bad news: so is everyone else. The good news: UBC has tons of opportunities for employment for students, so your chances of being employed aren’t actually that bad.

Work Study/Work Learn

Work Study and Work Learn is a program run by Career Services that “supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus.”  “Work Study” is the program name for domestic students, whereas “Work Learn” is the program name for international students. It’s pretty much the same thing; international students, just make sure you have a valid Study Permit and Social Insurance Number.  All Vancouver campus students currently enrolled in courses at UBC and with a valid UBC student number.

Hours are 10 or less per week, and pay is generally pretty darn good. Jobs offered can range from lab assistants to research assistants to working in various UBC departments or libraries. The goal of these programs is to give students professional experience, in many cases in the field of their study.

Most Work Study/Work Learn positions were posted last week, but more will continue to be posted until mid-September. Be sure to apply soon, as positions are often filled before the final application date has passed.


Work on Campus Week

This week there will be a recruitment fair in Brock Hall, 1874 East Mall. Drop by between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on the following days to meet employers on campus. Remember to bring your resume!

Monday, August 27th – AMS Food and Beverage

Tuesday, August 28th – Parking & Access Control

Wednesday, August 29th – AMS Retail

 Thursday, August 30th – Annual Giving

(Annual Giving is a call centre that calls alumni and asks for donations.)
For more information, visit Careers Online.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of other job opportunities post on Careers Online throughout the year, so take a look at those too.

You can also apply to work for UBC Food Services or the UBC Aquatic Centre or the many independent businesses on campus, such as Save On Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Happy Hunting! (Bet you thought I wasn’t going to mention there are only 8 days til school starts, didn’t you!)


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Welcome to Well Dressed

As I walk around campus, I can’t help but notice how well dressed everyone on this campus seems to be. I can’t help but think, “Am I the only one around here that didn’t buy a chiffon blouse this summer?”  I mean, I worked at a clothing store this summer so I consider myself capable of getting dressed in the morning, but I suppose that since coming back to Vancouver I haven’t been trying very hard. Possibly because the walk from my place to the music building is 30 minutes, and I don’t want to sweat through all my nice clothes.

Sometimes it can feel like the pressure’s on to dress nicely, but it’s also true that if you aren’t the cutting edge of style no one is going to judge you for that either. This isn’t high school anymore guys; if you just want to be comfortable, rest assured you will not become a social outcast for that.  If you’re cool with what you’re wearing, well you know what, so is everyone else.

All I’m saying is this: students at UBC are a good lookin’ bunch, and I personally feel like I need want to come up to the standard.


P.S. Only 9 days!


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Free Frozen Yogurt Today!

What better way to celebrate only 10 days until the start of school than with some free frozen yogurt? Menchie’s in Wesbrook Village is giving away free frozen yogurt today until 5 pm. Prepare yourself for above average deliciousness levels.  There’s a line around the corner, but who cares? It’s still summer, it’s not like I have anything better to do. And I mean, you say free food, and I’m there.

Hint hint, event planners?

That yogurt sure was delish! And since their hours are 11-10 most days, it might be a good place for a late night study snack…

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This wasn’t always here, right?

With only 11 days to go, if my five-posts-in-three-days didn’t tip you off, I’m CRAZY EXCITED FOR SCHOOL!

I had my first Marbelous cookie of the year on Tuesday. Good start. (Side note: if you are new and don’t know what I’m talking about, go to the SUB. Go to Blue Chip Cookies. Buy one. You won’t be sorry, I promise. Well, maybe if you have allergies. But only maybe.)

My roommate Christie arrived today and currently her parents are putting together her loft bed as I type. She seems to have an overwhelming amount of possessions.. I mean, who needs that many shoes?? (Just kidding, Christie, love you :P)

However: yesterday as I was approaching the SUB, I noticed something very out of place. What?

This used to be on the other side of the SUB, right? Hidden behind tree branches by the entrance to the Aquatic Centre? Someone please comment and tell me I’m not crazy.

Oh, another side note: there’s tons of construction on the corner of University and East Mall, but you can still get into the Aquatic Centre through their main doors. Just go around the east side of the SUB or go through the eating area exit doors. (And if you didn’t know, entrance to the Aquatic Centre is free with your UBC student card!)

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Cleaning Tricks

After spending three days cleaning my butt off (with a lot of help from my mom), I have definitely picked up a few tricks about cleaning. If you’ll be living on your own this year, in an apartment or suite-style residence, hopefully these will come in handy for you.

  • Clean as you go: if you wipe up that spill right after it happens, you aren’t going to have to deal with icky dried on stains later. Trust me, dried on stuff is waaaaay harder to clean off. Make a mess and clean it up right away and your cleaning life is going to be so much easier.
  • Tilex is surprisingly good at cutting through grease, such as you might find sticking to you cupboards and walls in the kitchen. It’s also perfect for anything you don’t want to get scratched.
  • Vim is very good at getting out stains, as well as in the bathtub and sink, but it can scratch more sensitive surfaces such as a glass shower door.
  • Pine-Sol is a good multi-purpose cleaner that is also safe for wood, painted surfaces, tile, and marble.
  • Wipe up water: after a shower, wipe down the walls with a sponge or squeegee and dry the area around a sink faucet after use to prevent mildew and soap scum buildup and water stains.
  • Water will often get the job done. So before you pile on the chemicals, try it with just water first.
  • After you wash, dry. Leaving your surfaces wet can damage them.
  • When washing windows or mirrors, wipe in circles. For whatever reason this won’t leave streaks.

More tips? Please share!


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Miriam’s Letter to First Years

With only 12 days to go until school starts, students entering their first year of university are probably (and understandably) feeling both crazy excited and more than a little bit apprehensive.

I remember reading alumni Blog Squadder Miriam’s post “Dear First Years (a letter you should read)” in the first couple of weeks of my first year, and holding on tightly to those words, “Ups and downs, remember—not just ups but not just downs either.”

Take a read and hopefully her wisdom can uplift you in a time of need.


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Memorial Road, Lookin’ Fine

Are you loving Memorial Road’s new facelift? Because I know I am! Check it out: all the way from East Mall to the Music building is going to have the same tasteful cobbles as Main Mall, plus they’re putting in shrubs and flowers in between the two pathways, as well as the same breath-taking cherry blossom trees you can find on Lower Mall by Place Vanier. Sweet!

Only half is done at the moment, but it’s looking good already.

But wait, there’s more! The section from Main Mall to the Music Building is already finished! Thank goodness – walking around the Fred Lasserre building every day was a major inconvenience, and now I don’t have to walk through a parking lot anymore!

Looking forward to spring when those cherry blossoms are in bloom!

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