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Course Evaluation: GERM 100

All right, here comes another one, and this time a course non-music students can relate to! GERM 100, or Beginner German.

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Course Evaluation: MUSC 110

Okay, here comes another course evaluation, this time for MUSC 110, or Intensive Tonal Music Theory. Or something to that effect. Continue reading

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Course Evaluation: MUSC 105

Just a reminder to everybody, course evaluations are due tomorrow night.  These are important, because your input will help make the course better in the future.  It’s always nice to know your opinion matters :)  Anyway, in the spirit of course evaluations, I am going to give an overview of my courses for anybody who might be taking those courses and stumble upon this in the future. Continue reading


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Reception and Re: Winter Harp

Today was the reception for Major Entrance Scholars (ie. people who won Major Entrance Scholarships), and uh, yeah, I won one… Anyway, there were a lot of amazing people!  I got to meet the chancellor and president of UBC and the director of the school of music (all of whom are really really nice people).  I also met other students, and I think I can really connect with them. I also got the first hug I’ve had since I got here, which is AWESOME because I am a very huggy person.  There was also really good food, so, you know, that’s a plus too… :P


Also in regards to the Winter Harp, it turns out that the harpist they wanted in the first place could make the shows, so I won’t be needed.  Still, I’m really happy – the fact that they contacted me at all is awesome, and I think with the extra rehearsals and stuff I’d get really stressed out.


That’s all for today :)  -Samantha

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Winter Harp

I’ve told this story about a million times now, but I’ll try not to be boring while telling it again.

Last week, I got an email from my FAVOURITE group of harp performers, the Winter Harp (seriously, check them out – www.winterharp.com).  The person who sent me the email, the creator of Winter Harp, is friends with my harp teacher (who gave her my name) and said that they are looking for a second harpist for a few shows later this year, and along with a few other people, would like to know if I was interested in playing with them.  Well of course, these people being my favourite people EVER, I immediately said yes and was jumping around in my dorm room practically crying because I was so happy.

On Sunday, I took transit all the way to New Westminster (I am very proud of myself for that), and played for them. I think I did pretty well, but I think I may not get it because there are other people trying for it who have more experience than me, and I’m actually perfectly okay with that.  Getting to do the Winter Harp gigs would be an amazing experience, but it would also be really stressful, and either way I’m just really honoured to be able to meet some of my favourite performers.

Also on the way back I went to Metrotown, and if you’re craving some shopping you should go check it out :P

Later – Samantha

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Okay, I think I’ve finally got ensembles figured out.

In terms of large ensemble, ie. symphony orchestra, the four harpists will share parts, but the other first year will get probably the majority of parts and the hardest ones, since she’s actually been playing the longest.  The orchestra won’t be having any harp in it until October, so I get a few weeks with free nights, which is nice.

For small ensemble, I’ll be doing harp duets with a third year harpist who has the same teacher as me.  (And in case I haven’t mentioned this, my harp teacher is SO NICE.)  This will work nicely, since we have group lessons every other week, so I won’t have to fit another rehearsal into my schedule somewhere.  I had kind of hoped to be in a string quartet sort of thing so I could meet some more people, but this is good too.


P.S. I discovered The Honor Roll – a great sushi place in the basement of the SUB.  You can get a California Roll for $3.50, and they take UBCCard, too!  Made my day.

Peace – Samantha.


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Audition Adventures

Today I had my audition for ensembles, and it was a bit of a gong show.

My audition was at 1:15, so I started packing up the harp to go down to the basement around 1:10, and just as I was going out the door, my harp teacher phoned saying we’re supposed to start in two minutes. I kind of panicked a little, but I wheeled the harp over to the elevator, which took about TEN FREAKING MINUTES to get there! Seriously! And then when it finally came, I was so relieved that I got off on the first floor it stopped at, and by the time I realized it was only the third floor, the doors had already closed. Then I had to wait some MORE. When I finally reached the basement, it was 1:25. Sigh. But I played, and it went as good as I really expected it to, and I’ll get the results at some point.

I don’t expect to get into the orchestra this year, as there are a few harpists at a higher year lever than me, but that’s okay.  A small ensemble will be assigned to me and that will be fine for now :)

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