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Reflections on my First UBC Term

Now that the year is coming to a close, I sit on my bed in my bedroom in Winnipeg, thinking about how I have finished my first term at UBC.  It seems like just yesterday I was walking in to my new Junior High,  scared and worried about getting lost and not knowing anyone in my class.  Just like yesterday, and yet at the same time how long ago it feels.  I remember the day my parents left me in my dorm room, the day before classes started, with that same feeling overwhelming me, fear and loneliness of a new and strange place.  If I could talk to the me of a few months ago, I think I would probably give myself a hug and say Hey, it really is going to be okay. Better than okay.  You’re going to get through this, and you’re actually going to enjoy it. Continue reading

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Course Evaluation: GERM 100

All right, here comes another one, and this time a course non-music students can relate to! GERM 100, or Beginner German.

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Course Evaluation: MUSC 110

Okay, here comes another course evaluation, this time for MUSC 110, or Intensive Tonal Music Theory. Or something to that effect. Continue reading

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Bread Face vs. THE JAMINATOR


Christine, this is for you.


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Course Evaluation: MUSC 120

Today I wrote my first university exam for MUSC 105! I think it went okay, and now I just have three more to go! Woo!

Anyway, in the spirit of more course evaluations, today I will be doing a review for MUSC 120 (History of Music I). Continue reading

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Course Evaluation: MUSC 105

Just a reminder to everybody, course evaluations are due tomorrow night.  These are important, because your input will help make the course better in the future.  It’s always nice to know your opinion matters :)  Anyway, in the spirit of course evaluations, I am going to give an overview of my courses for anybody who might be taking those courses and stumble upon this in the future. Continue reading


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Evacuation Fail

A few days ago while I was having a class in the Music Building a few people in my class received an email on their phones saying that there was a burnt smell in the basement and would everyone please evacuate the building.  A couple of minutes later, another email was sent saying it was no longer necessary to evacuate and we should disregard the email.

Although nothing ended up happening, I was left feeling disconcerted.  What if there was a seriously dangerous situation and everyone really needed to be evacuated?  It is unreasonable to assume that everyone has a smartphone, or that they check their email 24/7. I know people who only check their email every couple of days.  And even if the few people with smartphones that got the email told people around them they need to evacuate, what of the students locked up in a practice room, ignoring their phone and focusing on their music?  If the situation a few days ago had been more serious, there would be people who did not receive the message and they could have gotten hurt.

I feel that the Music Office needs a more effective way of sending urgent information to occupants of the building to avoid possible injury in the future.

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