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Failure is a stinging slap in the face

Today was my first ever orchestra rehearsal.  I have played harp in a large ensemble before today; I started playing too late in high school to ever in be in the Winnipeg Youth Orchestra.

So naturally, I was nervous.  Very nervous.  After all, I’m a total newbie playing with people who are practically professionals, at least compared to me. I could feel my heart rate increase dramatically as the conductor stepped onto his podium, and the rehearsal went downhill from there.

I missed nearly all my entrances. I lost count countless times.  I’ve only had the part for two weeks, and since my hands are still a little injured I can only practice so much every day, and in trying to prepare my solo pieces as well, the orchestra part I got wasn’t quite learned for today.  Mostly, but not quite.  Well, it turns out that all the parts I can do really well are buried under mountains of double bass and brass, while the parts I’m not sure about are pretty much solos.  And all of them I screwed up today.

*head desk*

I felt so awful.  Embarrassed.  Ashamed. I should be better than this!

I know, I know.  There’s still an entire month til the performance (which is at 8 pm in the Chan on March 31, if anyone wants to come), and I’ll have it learned by then. I hope.  It was my first rehearsal ever, it’s okay, yadda yadda…

I just feel like I let myself down.  And that is much worse than anyone else.


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Delayed Flights and Break Over

At the moment, I am sitting in an airport waiting to get on the plane which will bring me back to UBC.  I should be boarding right now, but my flight got delayed by nearly an hour due to the large amounts of snow Winnipeg has received over the last week.

Some of you may be thinking, ew, snow for reading week?!  Well, I rather enjoyed it.  If Winnipeg didn’t have snow at this time of year, I would be seriously concerned.  Also I got to make a really cute snowman today :)  That being said, I’m really looking forward to Vancouver’s mild temperatures.

I wish reading week wasn’t over, but it’s been a great one.  I didn’t have much homework (mwahahaha!), I had some quality time with my friends and family, I got a little bit of sleep, got rid of my stress from the last month and a half, and my parents decided to foster a sweet little one-eyed kitty for part of the week.  I don’t wanna go back to class, but when you think about it, there’s only about a month of classes left. And then, SUMMER!  (You have no idea how excited I am for flip flops and sundresses…)

In the meantime, though, I am waiting for a plane…



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Totem’s Best Dance Crew

As the year progresses, I become increasingly aware that in Rez, there is never a dull moment.  At least, you can choose to have it that way.

Over the last several weeks there have been many events, including House Weeks (where your house plans a whole bunch of events for its residents, and you get to decorate the caf with your house colours and mascots and such), and a Name That Tune competition (pretty self-explanatory).

Just this Thursday before Reading Week, Rec’n’Rez put on a competition in Totem Park called Totem’s Best Dance Crew. Continue reading

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Residence Lottery Results

Around campus, in the dorms, on the buses – all people are talking about are the results of the residence lottery.

It is well known that here at UBC, first year students are guaranteed a place in residence – it’s a nice, secure feeling, as a freshman coming in.  However, once first year is over, it’s gamble everyone from 2nd year students up have to take part in if they want to live on campus.  The lottery is about as fair as they can make it, but the majority of people I’ve talked to or heard talking didn’t get in.  I didn’t.

It’s fine, I’m not panicking (unlike some of my friends).  There will be plenty of places off campus I can look into closer to fall, and I’m not too high up on the wait list for year round housing.  Honestly, I’d rather not live in year round housing, because it’s a lot more expensive than many off campus sites, but if everything else falls through, there’s a chance I could be in Thunderbird or Marine next year.  I have an idea of where I want to live off campus, but I won’t know if it’s possible until late May or early June.

Either way, I’m not about to freak out and get upset.  My friends and I (probably) won’t spilt up just because we aren’t living together. (Who knows, it could actually be better for our relationships.)  I won’t die if I have to take a long-ish commute.  Getting to know new people won’t be so bad.

If anyone else is in the same position as me, I mean, I’m not experienced in this situation, but I feel safe in saying that everything will be all right. :)


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Ah, spring is in the air!

I have to wonder if Vancouverites feel the same way, but to me this weather is just heavenly.  A week of sunshine after nasty grey rain, and temperatures ten degrees above zero, this is spring, and I am loving it!  Coming from Winnipeg, this is great.  Back home it’s still the middle of winter right now, and on the first day of spring in March it’s easy to get your hopes up, but.. it’s still pretty much winter.  The snow is usually not completely melted until the middle of April, so once I finish exams and head home in May I’ll arrive at just the right time for a hot and sunny prairie summer, just the way I like’em.

In the mean time, I don’t know if there’s anything as liberating as switching back to your lighter jacket from your winter one, wearing a skirt instead of jeans for once, wearing open shoes (if it’s too hard to tell, I really like wearing spring clothing).  There is something about spring mornings when you feel the sun on your face and breathe in the crisp air – it’s a little chilly, but not cold.  It’s uplifting. And magical.

I love spring!

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