Delayed Flights and Break Over

At the moment, I am sitting in an airport waiting to get on the plane which will bring me back to UBC.  I should be boarding right now, but my flight got delayed by nearly an hour due to the large amounts of snow Winnipeg has received over the last week.

Some of you may be thinking, ew, snow for reading week?!  Well, I rather enjoyed it.  If Winnipeg didn’t have snow at this time of year, I would be seriously concerned.  Also I got to make a really cute snowman today :)  That being said, I’m really looking forward to Vancouver’s mild temperatures.

I wish reading week wasn’t over, but it’s been a great one.  I didn’t have much homework (mwahahaha!), I had some quality time with my friends and family, I got a little bit of sleep, got rid of my stress from the last month and a half, and my parents decided to foster a sweet little one-eyed kitty for part of the week.  I don’t wanna go back to class, but when you think about it, there’s only about a month of classes left. And then, SUMMER!  (You have no idea how excited I am for flip flops and sundresses…)

In the meantime, though, I am waiting for a plane…



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  1. Haha, we had snow here in Vancouver too as crazy as it sounds! It was not very nice!

  2. Actually, we got snow two days ago at UBC. XD

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